CTF - Hands off my money

Hacking Contest

Welcome, you have just found a very strange pastebin from David Galloway, ex-CTO of JNB Enterprise.
He was fired last month by the company, after he threatened them to reveal their scams to the world.
After the dismissal he just disappeared leaving absolutely no trace, and Adam Kafka took his place.

The paste contained an encryped message which, once decoded, revealed this text:

For years we have given all of our savings to JNB Enterprise, trusting them day by day.
Most of the investors were common workers, just like me and you, people which just wanted a better future.
But JNB Enterprise is using all of our founds to finance a big military operation in our country.

If you are reading this message I am dead yet, but before getting fired I have left enough traces inside JNB's servers, so that a smart guy like you can find and unveil them to the world. D.G.

Will you make David's death vain?

Coded by @dzonery from Consulthink

Sponsored by @Shielder